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What are workers' compensation benefits in North Carolina?

Workers' compensation benefits in North Carolina provide important protections for workers who have been injured on the job and to their families. As a result, injured workers should be familiar with specific

workers' compensation benefits in North Carolina and how those benefits can help them.

Legal protections for victims of unsafe property conditions

Premises liability law is an important area of the law that protects injured victims who have been injured or otherwise harmed on another party's property. Premises liability protections include a variety of different situations and provide protections for the physical, financial and emotional damages victims may suffer as a result.

Circumstances when victims may suffer harm because of a hazardous property condition and may need to seek relief through a premises liability claim for damages, can include slip-and-falls and trip-and-falls; unsafe retail premises such as store aisles or store parking lots; defective property conditions; harm caused by a lack of adequate security or lighting; and dogs bites and other animal attacks.

3 typical mistakes drivers make after car accidents

When you open a car accident claim with your insurance company, you can expect a long, lengthy process. It may take a while, but it is vital to increase your chances of receiving compensation for any injuries sustained following the collision. 

You seriously compromise your claim when you misstep during the claims process. One mistake involves bragging on social media about a hit-and-run you committed, which is what one woman from North Carolina did after striking a woman walking with her ex-boyfriend. Here are other mistakes to avoid. 

How do workers' compensation benefits help injured workers?

Workers' compensation laws in North Carolina protect injured workers which is valuable information for workers and their families to have. Workers' compensation benefits can help protect injured workers from some of the devastation associated with a workplace accident which can include an inability to care for and support your family.

Workers' compensation benefits in North Carolina can help injured workers with medical expenses and lost earnings which can both be challenging following a workplace injury. After a worker has been injured on the job, they may be unable to work to be able to pay for the medical care and treatment they need. Workers' compensation can help pick up some of the slack and help with medical expenses and lost wages and can also help with vocational rehabilitation if the injured worker is unable to return to work.

What types of injuries are common in car accidents?

This blog recently discussed the types of legal help that may be available to protect victims of truck accidents. It is helpful to understand the different types of injuries victims of car and truck accidents may suffer which may lead to them needing help with the physical, financial and emotional damages suffered as a result.

Victims of car accidents can suffer a variety of serious injuries that can have a long-term effect on their physical and emotional health and well-being. Victims of car accidents can suffer serious brain injuries, including traumatic brain injuries, as well as concussions and other head, neck and back injuries. In addition, they can suffer chest injuries and soft tissue injuries such as whiplash which can linger far after the car accident. Victims may also suffer a variety of fractures and emotional trauma associated with an unexpected car accident.

Legal options protect truck accident victims

Truck accidents can result in life-altering injuries for truck accident victims and their families. Because of this unfortunate reality, it is essential for truck accident victims and their families to be familiar with the personal injury legal protections available to them.

Truck accident victims can suffer serious injuries that require medical care and treatment. As the medical bills begin to pile up, and the injured truck accident victim is unable to work, they may need the help of legal remedies available. Injured truck accident victims may need help with medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages. Personal injury legal protections can help them following a truck accident receive compensation for their physical, financial and emotional damages.

Personal injury legal protections can help victims

Personal injury legal resources are an important protection for injured victims to understand because they can help victims of a broad range of accidents. Victims of many types of accidents including truck accidents, car accidents and slip-and-fall accidents should all be familiar with the important protections available through a personal injury claim for damages.

Victims of traumatic accidents can face many challenges moving forward after they have been harmed in an unexpected accident. A personal injury claim for damages can help a victim in their pursuit of recovering financial compensation for lost wages, pain and suffering and medical bills. When a negligent party, such as a driver of a vehicle, has harmed or caused injury to a victim, a personal injury claim can hold the negligent party responsible to provide damages to the injured party.

What should you do if you slip and fall in a store?

If you are like most residents of Goldsboro, you shop for groceries and other items several times each week. Whether you love to spend hours browsing or prefer to quickly gather goods and leave, you want to stay safe when you are shopping. Unfortunately, a slip or fall could leave you with injuries that may plague you for the rest of your life. 

You may be able to seek compensation for your medical bills, pain, lost wages and other damages. Nonetheless, if you sustain an injury on a slippery floor, you must act quickly to preserve your rights. Here are three things you should do if you fall in a store. 

Premises liability can help with slip-and-fall accidents

Slip-and-fall injuries can result in serious injuries and harm for victims. As a result, legal protections are available to help victims of injuries on the property of another party with the physical, financial and emotional damages they suffer.

Premises liability law protections victims of slip-and-fall injuries and other injuries that occur because of a dangerous property condition. When a property hazard harms a victim, the victim may suffer medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering damages all of which a personal injury claim for damages based on premises liability law can help with. Victims can receive help with the physical, financial and emotional harm they suffered.

The different types of workers' compensation benefits available

This blog recently discussed the tragedy that is an on-the-job injury suffered by a worker which can have a significant, and detrimental, impact on the lives of the worker and their families. Unfortunately, the reality is that a workplace injury can leave injured workers with medical bills that are piling up and an inability to work because of their injury or disability.

During periods when injured workers are unable to work because of an injury on the job, workers' compensation benefits are available to step in. These important benefits can help injured workers and their families with their daily needs so that they can recover and return to work when possible. Injured workers can receive benefits through workers' compensation including for medical, rehabilitation and therapy expenses and costs; ongoing expenses and costs associated with permanent or temporary disability; lost income; and vocational training if they are forced to switch jobs because of the workplace accident or injury.

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