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What are repetitive strain injuries?

As a worker, you face workplace risks any time you clock in. Some jobs are safer than others, but all jobs come with inherent dangers. One of the risks almost every worker faces is that of repetitive strain injuries. What are they? How do they impact the lives of...

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What kinds of injuries result from falls?

If you suffer a fall, various outcomes could happen. You might not suffer any injury. In fact, many people walk away from a fall without a need to go to the doctor. Still, a single fall could produce serious consequences. As the CDC explains, one out of five falls...

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What is a common office injury?

If we ask you to picture a “dangerous workplace,” it is likely you will envision mining, logging or construction work. However, there are dangers in all varieties of work environments, including the basic office. It might surprise you how common injuries are in...

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