Tips for helping teens avoid speeding

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Speeding poses major dangers for teen drivers. When teens engage in such conduct, they could be increasing their chances of getting into serious accidents. Speeding accidents can cause major injuries and sometimes have fatal results.

Parents can do a range of things to try to help their teens drive safely. This includes taking speeding prevention steps when it comes to their young drivers. Today, we’ll go over some of these steps.

Talk to your teen about speeding

Speeding is one of the many traffic safety topics it can be important for parents to honestly discuss with their teens. Among the things parents may want to cover in such conversations include:

  • The different speed-related traffic rules and the importance of following them
  • The accident risks of speeding
  • The legal consequences of speeding
  • What the household rules are for driving (including driving speed) and what the consequences are of breaking these rules

Walk the walk

It is important for parents to make sure their own driving behavior is consistent with the safety discussions they are having with their teens. What young drivers observe their parents doing behind the wheel can have a big impact on their own behavior. Modeling safe driving and avoiding speeding can help parents reinforce the traffic safety messages they are giving their teens.

Be an active part of your childs early driving experiences

Parents can further get across messages about driving a safe speed by playing a big part in the driving training process for their teen. Also, parents of new drivers may want to carefully monitor their child’s driving. Speeding tends to be less common among new drivers who receive such close parental supervision.

Think about speed when picking what vehicle your teen will drive

What vehicle a teen drives might have impacts on how likely he or she is to speed. High-performance vehicles might raise added temptations to speed for teens. Also, research suggests teens may have a lower likelihood of speeding in a family car, as opposed to being given their own car to drive.

North Carolina parents may want to set aside some time to give additional careful thought about how best to keep their young drivers safe.