What should you do if you slip and fall in a store?

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If you are like most residents of Goldsboro, you shop for groceries and other items several times each week. Whether you love to spend hours browsing or prefer to quickly gather goods and leave, you want to stay safe when you are shopping. Unfortunately, a slip or fall could leave you with injuries that may plague you for the rest of your life.

You may be able to seek compensation for your medical bills, pain, lost wages and other damages. Nonetheless, if you sustain an injury on a slippery floor, you must act quickly to preserve your rights. Here are three things you should do if you fall in a store.

1. Notify the store’s manager 

Many retail outlets in the Goldsboro area are expansive. While most store managers attempt to staff their establishments with sufficient employees, no worker may see you slip. You cannot rely on the store’s security camera to capture your fall. On the contrary, you should notify the store’s manager of your injury as soon as possible.

2. Obtain medical treatment 

If you have pain, you should seek emergency medical treatment immediately. When you do, be sure to tell doctors about the circumstances and conditions that contributed to your injury. Not only will this information likely help medical professionals treat you, but it will also establish a record of your injuries.

Note, however, you may not immediately realize you have sustained an injury. Because symptoms can develop in the days or weeks following your fall, be sure you obtain medical treatment as quickly as possible.

3. Document the accident 

The store’s security cameras may have recorded your fall. You should not, however, depend on the store’s personnel to document your accident. Instead, try to make a comprehensive written record of the events that contributed to your fall. Because a picture is worth a thousand words, try to take as many photographs of the accident scene as possible. Also, get the name and contact information of anyone who saw you slip.

Most trips to the store are routine and uneventful. If you slip and fall while shopping, though, you may sustain a serious injury. By taking some important post-fall steps, you may increase your chances of receiving compensation for your injuries.