Legal protections for victims of unsafe property conditions

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2019 | Premises Liability |

Premises liability law is an important area of the law that protects injured victims who have been injured or otherwise harmed on another party’s property. Premises liability protections include a variety of different situations and provide protections for the physical, financial and emotional damages victims may suffer as a result.

Circumstances when victims may suffer harm because of a hazardous property condition and may need to seek relief through a premises liability claim for damages, can include slip-and-falls and trip-and-falls; unsafe retail premises such as store aisles or store parking lots; defective property conditions; harm caused by a lack of adequate security or lighting; and dogs bites and other animal attacks.

The harm victims may suffer in an unexpected slip-and-fall or other accident that results from an unsafe or dangerous property condition can include medical expenses for the medical care they need; ongoing medical costs depending on the nature of the harm they have suffered; lost wages while they attempt to recover from the harm suffered; and emotional damages that may be associated with the trauma of the accident and overall experience they have suffered.

When the negligence of a property owner results in harm to victims, it is useful for them to be familiar with the legal protections that provide valuable resources and remedies to help injured victims get back on their feet. Victims and their families do not need to suffer without understanding the legal options available to protect them when they have been harmed by an unsafe or dangerous property condition.