Workers’ compensation benefits in North Carolina provide important protections for workers who have been injured on the job and to their families. As a result, injured workers should be familiar with specific

workers’ compensation benefits in North Carolina and how those benefits can help them.

Workers injured on-the-job in North Carolina can recover compensation for benefits including medical expenses, wage replacement for lost wages and vocational rehabilitation if they are unable to return to their usual job. Many injured workers in North Carolina are protected by workers’ compensation benefits, as most employers in North Carolina are required to carry workers’ compensation insurance for their employees. There are categories of employees that are not covered so it is important to be familiar with who is.

In addition, there are important timelines associated with a claim for workers’ compensation benefits that injured workers need to be familiar with. They have 30 days to report a workplace injury to their employer and 2 years to file a claim for workers’ compensation benefits so they can receive help with their medical care and treatment, lost earnings and retraining if needed. Workers’ compensation benefits provide an essential protection for injured workers and their families.

Because of the importance of workers’ compensation benefits to help injured workers with all the challenges they face following a workplace accident, it is useful for injured workers and their families to be familiar with these valuable benefits. Injured workers in North Carolina should know how workers’ compensation benefits can help them and how to obtain the benefits they need.