Are you aware of the hazards in your office?

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Just because you work in an office in North Carolina rather than on a construction site does not mean your worksite is free of hazards. To prevent yourself from becoming an injury victim, you need to know some of the most common workplace hazards.

Safety Management Group offers a number of overlooked injury hazards in the modern office. Understand how to minimize your chances of having to file for worker’s comp.


Trash cans next to desks, file cabinets left open and open drawers can trip and injure you. Employers should do their part to ensure there are as few collision hazards throughout the office as possible. Installing mirrors can keep you and your coworkers from colliding with each other as you come around hallway corners.

Slipping and falling hazards

Using rolling chairs instead of ladders, loose wiring and unsecured carpet can all cause you to trip or slip and fall. Wet floor signs become necessary after mopping or when a spill occurs.

Outdated office equipment

Desks and chairs in need of repair or replacement can lead to injury. Employers may lack the resources to replace some equipment, but waiting too long can lead to avoidable injuries. Other ways in which office equipment becomes an injury hazard is with the improper use or storage of sharp objects and tools.

Musculoskeletal injuries

Workspaces with poor ergonomics may lead to repetitive strain injuries in your neck, wrists, hands and the like. Proper computer screen height and angle, office chairs with lumbar support and wrist rests for keyboards all help keep you comfortable and productive throughout the day. You should also take breaks away from your desk to stretch your muscles.

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