How to treat a burn injury

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Whether it is a severe burn or a minor one, burns can be one of the most painful types of injury that people in North Carolina end up dealing with. Knowing how to deal with a burn when it happens can help to lessen the symptoms and expedite the healing process.

What are the different kinds of burns?

 The most severe types of burns can be potentially fatal or lead to shock, according to the U.S. National Library of Medicine. These are known as third-degree burns which happen when the burn destroys the tissues underneath the skin.

A second-degree burn is also considered severe, and it is when the skin is damaged by the burn, which can potentially harm the layer underneath the skin as well. The most minor burn is a first-degree burn, and can usually be treated with basic first aid. These burns only damage the outer skin layer.

What treatments can help?

Someone who has suffered a second or third degree burn should go to a hospital right away in order to prevent possible permanent nerve damage. Treatments provided by medical professionals as outlined by Mayoclinic include dressing the wound, using burn ointments or creams, administering medications for anxiety and pain, and mist treatments that can stimulate the tissue around the wound.

If only a first-degree burn has happened, as long as it is over a small area, it can usually be dealt with by running cold water over the affected area. Regardless of the severity of a burn, if it has covered a large area of someone’s body, it is important to get medical attention as soon as possible.