What are the most common on the job injuries for teens?

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Due to labor laws in North Carolina, teens do not usually work in jobs that are incredibly dangerous, but that does not mean they cannot get hurt at work. Many teens work in fast food restaurants, which are places where injuries can easily occur. While they typically are not life-threatening injuries, any on the job accident is something concerning. That is especially true when to comes to teens. If you are a teen worker or a parent who wants to keep their teen safe at work, then knowing about the most common on the job injuries and hazards can be helpful.

YoungWorkers.org explains that many of the risks teens face on the job are related to slips, falls, cuts and burns. These may happen when working around grills and deep fryers or on slippery surfaces. In addition, lifting injuries are also common.

Exposure to chemicals is another concern. Typically, though, teens are not allowed to mix chemicals in the workplace, but they may still have to use them for cleaning or sanitation.

Many teens take on outdoor jobs during the summer. This can expose them to even more hazardous situations. There is always a risk for heat-related illnesses. Working with machinery, such as lawnmowers, also introduces a risk of injury.

One of the main takeaways when looking at teen on the job safety is that employers have to take more responsibility for teaching teens how to avoid hazardous situations. Many times, accidents involving teens could have been prevented if the teen had more safety training. This information is for education and is not legal advice.