Earning an income after a personal injury

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Some personal injuries leave a person unable to work and earn a steady paycheck. Unfortunately, bill collectors want their money, injuries or not. HuffPost offers several solutions for ways to make money for those injured in North Carolina and find themselves unable to work.

Rent a room

Injured homeowners could have a spare bedroom they can rent out. Besides taking on an actual tenant, renting the room to travelers could work. With this option, it is best to look into the legal aspects involved with renting a room and thoroughly check backgrounds before deciding on a final tenant.

Sell items

It is easier than ever to sell unwanted or unused items online. Not only is this a good way to make money, but it also frees up space and eliminates clutter in a home. Besides selling items online, holding a yard sale is another viable option. Individuals with craft skills may be able to make items to sell, depending on the extent of their injuries.

Check insurance

Depending on where and how the injury happened, an insurance provider could cover resulting lost wages, as pointed out by Insurance Panda. Specifically, it is the liability portion of an insurance policy that takes care of lost wages. It is worth pointing out that some insurance companies specifically exclude coverage for lost wages.


Some injuries make it difficult to perform more physical jobs. Looking into freelancing opportunities could be a good way to make money via computer without a lot of moving around. Examples of popular freelancing opportunities include photography, writing and making music.

Looking into compensation for missed work opportunities is a good idea. For instance, a personal injury could make it impossible to make an upcoming job interview or fulfill the duties of a recent promotion.