Expenses a personal injury claim may cover

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People who are in a car accident in North Carolina have a lot going on. Besides damage to the car, there are often multiple injuries, and many people end up missing days of work because of the wreck. When considering filing a personal injury claim, the victims may wonder exactly it covers.

A claim usually covers injuries that result from a crash. KTAR News reports that even if pain or other symptoms are not there right after the wreck, it is a good idea to get medical attention, because many common injuries appear later on. Some injuries may seem minor but will lead to chronic issues if there is not proper treatment, while other symptoms are signs that something more serious may be going on.

Some delayed symptoms that may indicate severe injury include:

  • Neck and back pain – this may be nerve damage, broken spinal bones or whiplash
  • Headaches – could potentially be a brain clot or concussion
  • Stomach swelling or pain – may indicate internal bleeding
  • Physical function or personality changes – often indicates a traumatic brain injury

While a personal injury claim will more than likely pay for injury care, FindLaw points out a claim will often cover more than just expenses related directly to treatment. Covered expenses may include accessories, in-home services, therapy, transportation to and from appointments, lost wages due to missed work and future treatment. Some claims may even pay for pain and suffering, which relates to the mental distress the accident may cause.

The spouse of the injured victim may also be able to recover damages. This occurs when the injury prevents the victim from showing affection or participating in sexual activity.