How can I keep my home safe for visitors with children?

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The holidays are a busy time when you may have various family members visiting you. If you do not have small children in your household in North Carolina, but you will have some visiting over the holidays, it is a good idea to make sure your home is safe for them. Small children are curious and tend to find trouble easily. It only takes a minute for a curious toddler to suffer a serious injury in a home without childproofing to prevent accidents.

Nationwide suggests doing an inventory of potential dangers. You will notice that furniture is a huge concern, especially bookshelves, televisions and other large pieces that could tip over. Cords of any kind, electrical or on blinds, are another risk area. Finally, appliances need a once over for hazards.

Tackling appliances first, you want to make sure they are not inviting to a small child. For example, if you leave your cookie jar on the stove top or near it, this could entice a child to climb to get it. Move it away from the stove. Also, remove towels hanging from the stove handle so that a child cannot pull the door open. Make sure your refrigerator is secure and fasten it to the wall if needed.

When it comes to cords, tie up the cords for blinds or curtains out of the reach of little hands. You want to hide electrical cords as much as possible. Wrap up long cords to reduce the length.

TVs, TV stands and bookshelves need to be secure. Use brackets and straps to secure them to the wall. Make sure you remove heavy items from the top to help balance out the piece. Add locks to drawers and cabinets.

Making your home a safe place for small visitors will give you and their parents peace of mind so you can enjoy your holiday visit. This information is for education and is not legal advice.