Learn about North Carolina negligence laws

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Negligence laws are in place to hold liable people who cause injury to others because of misconduct or failure to exercise their duty of care. Therefore, the plaintiff can only get compensated if the defendant is found liable for contravening an agreement or law that controls their conduct.

Here at Dees, Smith, Powell, Jarrett, Dees & Jones LLP, we know what is at stake in your negligence lawsuit. We can help you fight for your rights and get the compensation the law provides. Also, we take time to investigate three components in your case, liability, damages, and coverage. After that, we advise you on the various options you may choose.

Most negligence laws cut across every state, but most importantly, they apply to North Carolina. Therefore, you can get justice after an accident or injury. Before that, it would help if you understood what a negligence lawsuit entails.

According to Findlaw, for you to file a negligence lawsuit, the other party must have owed you the duty to do or not do an action. Also, they may have breached the duty for you to consider it as negligence. Before you can file a lawsuit, you should have evidence that the action the defendant took caused an injury.

Furthermore, the defendant may not be liable until you prove that their actions caused the injury. Also, the defendant should have known that there would be injuries if they acted that way. Remember, you must have suffered actual damages before you file a claim for compensation. If you contributed to the negligence in any way, you might not recover any damages.