Spinal Injuries Inflict Trauma and Hardship on Victims

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Injuries and trauma to the spinal cord can result in serious and even permanent physical harm. When a North Carolina resident suffers a spinal cord injury due to the actions or negligence of another person they may have options to seek the recovery of their damages through a personal injury-based lawsuit. However, claims of loss and injury should always be discussed with knowledgeable lawyers and to this end no part of this post should be read as specific legal advice.

What Is a Spinal Cord Injury?

A spinal cord injury occurs when the spinal cord suffers damage. The spinal cord is a collection of nerves that runs from the brain and down the back of an individual’s body. From the spinal cord nerves branch out to the individual’s appendages to bring sensation and movement to those regions.

Although the spinal cord is encased in the spinal column it is still susceptible to harm when physical blows from car accidents, falls, and intentional contact hurt it. The bones of the spinal column can break and the spinal column can be damaged or even severed if the injury is severe.

What Happens When the Spinal Cord Is Injured?

Unlike injuries to remote parts of the body, spinal cord injuries can directly affect significant multiple zones of the affected person. For example, when the spinal cord suffers a complete injury it is severed and all function below the site of the injury is impacted. Complete spinal cord injuries can result in paralysis.

If the spinal cord is incompletely injured, then the victim may have some sensation and bodily function below the site of their harm. Readers are reminded that this post offers no legal or medical advice and all diagnoses and evaluations of spinal cord harm should be undertaken by medical professionals.

Is it Possible to Recover from a Spinal Cord Injury?

Medical prognoses and treatment plans should be discussed with spinal cord injury victims’ doctors. However, not all victims of this serious form of harm are able to make complete recoveries after their incidents. Victims may be left with permanent and disabling harm that can impact their futures.

Losses from a spinal cord injury can be significant and costly. Depending on the circumstances and injury of the victim, moving forward with an independent live may be impossible to achieve. Victims of spinal cord injuries often require support and assistance to accomplish their needs and that help can be costly. For those who have suffered losses from spinal cord harm, help may be available from trusted and knowledgeable personal injury attorneys.