Distracted driving remains a concern on the roadways

On Behalf of | May 1, 2020 | Car And Truck Accidents |

While there are many concerns in the world today, one problem that does not escape the nation is distracted driving. No matter the distance traveled, vehicle operated or reason for driving, motorists of all ages and experience levels are faced with a wide range of potential distractions while driving. Furthermore, it is not only other motorists and vehicle occupants that are put at risk when a driver is distracted. Pedestrians and cyclists lose their lives each year because of distracted driving.

To put this in perspective, data from 2018 indicates that 2,841 deaths occurred din the United States because of distracted driving. Of those killed, 1,730 were drivers, 605 were passengers, 400 were pedestrians and 77 were cyclists. Distracted driving is known to be dangerous, and the most concerning form of distraction faced by a driver remains his or her phone.

Sending a text may seem like a quick task. For the most part, this could be completed in mere seconds. However, taking your eyes off of the road for just five seconds while traveling at 55 mph is equivalent to driving the entire length of a football field with your eyes closed. In this perspective, a lot could happen is that distance even though it is for jest five seconds. A motorcyclist could change lanes, a vehicle up ahead had to slam on their breaks, a young child is attempting to cross the road or a traffic signal has changed.

Each state handles the growing concerns for distracted driving. While North Carolina does not rank in the top five strictest or lenient states, what was discovered in a recent analysis of the distracted driving laws across the nation was the fact that most support primary enforcement. This means that law enforcement would be allowed to stop and cite drivers they observe using their phones while driving.

Although measures are in place to reduce distracted driving, the unfortunate reality is that serious and even fatal accidents occur each year because of distracted driving. Thus, it is important that those harmed or impacted by a distracted driver understand their rights and options when it comes to holding a negligent motorist liable. A personal injury action or wrongful death suit could help with assigning accountability and the recovery of compensation for the losses suffered.