Truck driver training deficiencies can lead to accidents

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2020 | Car And Truck Accidents |

In order to secure the privilege of driving in North Carolina, an individual must meet the requirements of licensure. They must be of the minimum age and they must pass various examinations to demonstrate both their knowledge of driving practices as well as their technical abilities to perform those practices. If they satisfy those and other requirements, they may be given a driver’s license that allows them to legally operate a motor vehicle.

This is the process for people who want to drive their own private vehicles, but it is also very similar to the process that commercial and truck drivers must follow in order to be legally qualified to operate their rigs. Truck drivers must have special licenses that designate them as qualified to driver large trucks and hauling vehicles.

Drivers of all licensure backgrounds can run into major roadway problems, though, when truck drivers are deficient in their qualifying procedures. Large trucks operate differently than small private vehicles, and they have different maneuvering and stopping capabilities. Truck drivers who do not understand these and many other differences can cause serious motor vehicle accidents. Some of the ways that truck driver licensure deficiencies can cause problems and accidents are:

  • Lack of training in terms of both how to drive a large truck or rig and analytical training that concerns the legal and operational requirements of truck driving.
  • Lack of experience in actually operating large trucks in controlled, practice settings.
  • Lack of licensure to legally operate a large truck or rig.

There is no one way to ensure that a truck driver will always make the right decisions when they are in the driver’s seat, but making sure that they are trained, experienced, and licensed can be a good way to build trust in their capabilities. Drivers who lack these and other qualifications may pose dangers to other motorists and may cause damaging accidents. This post does not give legal advice and vehicle accident victims can talk to their own attorneys about their cases.