How can I avoid an accident with a truck?

On Behalf of | Aug 27, 2020 | Car And Truck Accidents |

Some of the worst accidents on the road are between passenger vehicles and large trucks due to the size and weight differences of the vehicles. While both drivers can cause accidents, many times, it is the actions of the driver of the smaller vehicle that lead to the crash.

You have to be aware of how to properly interact with large trucks to avoid issues. The U.S. Department of Transportation explains there are three areas to which you should pay attention to help you avoid an accident with a large truck.

Extra room

Large trucks need more room and not just because they are bigger. They have to have more room to maneuver because they do not move the same way as your vehicle.

If you are behind a truck on a hill, make sure to put extra space between you in case the truck rolls back. You also need to provide extra space when a truck is turning. They make very wide turns due to the configuration of the truck and bed. Do not assume an empty space is safe to move into when a truck is turning.


You should be careful when passing large trucks to avoid driving in areas where the driver cannot see you. Be careful about passing when going downhill as the truck will naturally speed up.

If a truck passes you, slow down and allow them to do so safely. Do not try to crowd them out or prevent them from getting back over in front of you.

Never cut off a truck in traffic. They need more space to slow down or stop, and taking away the bumper of space could put you at risk for a collision.

Blind spots

The blind spots of a truck are huge. If you cannot see the driver in his or her mirrors, then assume the driver cannot see you. Stay out of spaces that are blind spots, such as immediately in the area of any side, the front or the back of the truck.