How often does a workplace injury happen?

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Any workplace injury that takes place is one injury too many. Many companies have ambitious goals to eliminate workplace injuries altogether. While this is probably not possible, reducing the rate at which they occur is important. Over the past few years, injuries have remained at disturbingly high numbers. So, if you have suffered injuries, know that you are not alone. 

CBS News reports that an on-the-job injury happens every seven seconds. This works out to 4.7 million injuries in just one year and a daily injury rate of 12,900 workers. 

How age affects accident rates

You might believe that older people account for the vast majority of cases. The elderly do have high injury rates, but the record for the highest injury rates belongs to young people. In fact, one-quarter of on-the-job injuries occur during the first year of working for the individuals affected. 

Researchers point to age as one of the biggest factors companies need to account for. One-third of American workers fall into the 18-to-34 age range. Then, another third belongs to the 55-years-and-older demographic. If you fall into either of these age ranges, take extra care at work. 

How accident rates vary by industry

No industry or profession remains immune to high accident rates, but some do face higher risks than others. Bruises, slips, trips, falls and sprains can occur in almost any work environment. The most at-risk workers include those who worked in oil and gas, manufacturing and construction. Motor vehicle accidents posed the highest risk for oil and gas employees. 

Major injuries make up a minority of claims but rank among the most expensive. The injuries that led to the highest compensation values included dismemberment, electrocution and dislocation.