What are repetitive strain injuries?

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As a worker, you face workplace risks any time you clock in. Some jobs are safer than others, but all jobs come with inherent dangers. One of the risks almost every worker faces is that of repetitive strain injuries.

What are they? How do they impact the lives of workers? And how do you heal from these injuries once afflicted?

Who suffers from RSIs?

Healthline discusses repetitive strain injuries (RSI) and the affect they have on workers across the board. Unfortunately, RSIs are common due to their nature. They occur any time someone repeats the same motion too many times. Needless to say, many jobs involve doing exactly that. Assembly line workers, cashiers and bankers make up a small sample of the numerous positions that involve repeated motion.

RSIs cause inflammation and swelling in the affected limb. From there, you can suffer from nerve damage and circulation problems. The swelling pinches and cuts off nerves, vessels and other soft tissue. Many experience numbness, tingling or pain. As the injury worsens, pain also grows to an unbearable point.

How can you treat them?

The only way to treat RSIs effectively is to get plenty of rest. Unfortunately, this is difficult for many workers who rely on their paycheck to support themselves. But if you continue to use the affected limb and do not get adequate rest, you risk worsening the injury further. Some RSIs progress to the point that only surgery can fix it. This requires even more time off.

If you suffer from an RSI, consider seeking financial compensation. In many cases, RSIs would not form if given enough time to rest and stretch while on the job.