How do TBIs physically affect you?

On Behalf of | Mar 28, 2021 | Personal Injury |

After getting involved in an accident and suffering from a blow to the head, you may also suffer from a traumatic brain injury. These injuries – also known as TBIs – can impact your health in many ways.

But one of the primary ways is through its physical impact on your body. After all, damage to the brain will certainly affect the rest of your physical state.

Obvious physical signs

Mayo Clinic discusses the potential signs of TBIs. In specific, the physical manifestations of a brain injury. Some physical signs are easier to spot than others. For example, a victim might lose their balance or black out. Other disorders of consciousness also happen. Clear fluid may drain from their ears or nose, too. This is a sign that they need immediate medical care.

Other signs are harder to notice, because only the victim experiences them. Examples include severe headaches that worsen over time, or nausea. Sometimes this may lead to vomiting, but sometimes the victim just experiences an upset stomach.

Sensory and nerve disturbances

Finally, sensory and nerve damage may happen, too. This can include numbness in the extremities. Tingling in the hands and feet might follow. In addition, sufferers may experience disordered senses. Their ears may ring. They may have trouble distinguishing sights and sounds. Their flavor profile may also be off.

Note that signs and symptoms can vary. For example, a person’s overall physical health can change how well they recover from a brain injury. Location of the injury also matters, along with the force behind the blow. But if you notice any of these signs in general, you should seek medical attention.