What is road rage?

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Even though driver’s ed classes focus on defensive driving, there are very many aggressive drivers on the road. In fact, some surveys report that almost 80% of American drivers expressed anger or aggression behind the wheel at least once in the previous year.

Given that road rage is so common, it is vital to recognize the signs of it in other drivers and know how to handle it. According to Geico Insurance, there are some specific signs that can allow you to know when a driver is experiencing rage, and keeping a cool head will help you avoid and mitigate the situation.

What does road rage look like?

An enraged driver may express him or herself in a variety of manners, but there are some common forms. For instance, aggressive tailgating is a very common form of road rage. If you notice that another driver is honking and anger excessively and making angry gestures, it is best for you to slow down and distance yourself from the situation.

Road rage can take even more confrontational forms. In the past, some drivers have attempted to get out of their own vehicles in order to confront other drivers. Sometimes, enraged drivers will attempt to ram or bump other vehicles on purpose.

What should I do if I encounter road rage?

The best thing to do is stay away from the enraged driver. You may even wish to turn on another street or exit the highway to remove yourself from the situation. You absolutely should not reciprocate the enraged driver’s actions or try to stop your car to talk with the enraged driver. In the event that the enraged driver tries to follow you, drive to the nearest police station and keep your doors locked.