Adjusting to life after a traumatic brain injury

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A traumatic brain injury can impact a person’s life in ways never before considered. People may find that the changes to their bodies impact their relationships, their self-confidence and their independence.

Even though people may struggle to come to terms with their new normal, choosing to embrace the changes may improve their outlook. Gradually, they may notice themselves adjusting and settling into a new routine.

Embrace scheduling

A TBI can affect the brain’s ability to work efficiently and coherently. According to The Mayo Clinic, victims could suffer both physical and psychological consequences. As a result, TBI victims often need more time to complete tasks, more time between tasks to transition, and more time to relax and recenter. One way people can facilitate control and reduce anxiety is to use scheduling. Family members can assist in creating and following schedules to create consistency and encourage independence.

A well-written schedule will include downtime. Depending on the severity of a brain injury, people may even consider including details in their schedules. For example, if their schedule lists a doctor’s appointment, it may also include a note reminding them to bring the necessary paperwork.

Prioritize health

Because TBI’s can substantially impact a person’s overall health and well-being, prioritizing their health can make a considerable difference in their quality of life. According to, some of the things they can do to improve their health include the following:

  • Avoid smoking and drinking
  • Find balance
  • Eat a nutritious diet
  • Get enough rest
  • Exercise regularly

In conjunction with rehabilitative therapies, people who have experienced a TBI may still have the chance to live a rewarding life.