Shoulder and back injuries among truckers

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Day after day, North Carolina truck drivers remain at risk of getting injured due to the nature of their work, and that’s why workers’ compensation claims are common in the trucking industry. Unsurprisingly, there are certain injuries that workers in this industry are more prone to, which include shoulder and back injuries.

Back injuries

The trucking profession involves a lot of sitting and driving, which can lead to back pains and other related issues. In some cases, workers may have to lift and move heavy objects, which can also lead to back injuries.

Shoulder injuries

Truck drivers are often required to make turns behind the wheel, which can lead to shoulder injuries because they have to twist their bodies. In some cases, sitting down for a long period of time can also cause a trucker’s shoulders to get worn out.

How can truckers avoid shoulder and back injuries?

There are a few things that truck drivers can do in order to avoid these types of injuries. First, they should make sure that they take breaks often and move around as much as possible. This usually helps to keep the body loose. Second, they should make sure that they are using the correct posture when driving and sitting.

Additionally, these workers can try using a back support or shoulder strap to help keep their muscles loose. This can be a big help, especially when driving for long periods of time. If workers feel like they are starting to experience pain in their back or shoulders, they should consult a doctor as soon as possible.

Do all workers with shoulder and back injuries qualify for workers’ compensation?

In order to qualify for workers’ compensation, drivers must prove that their injuries are directly related to the nature of their job and not by something else. This is usually up to a doctor’s discretion based on what they find during an examination process.

Workers in the trucking industry are more susceptible than many others to shoulder and back injuries. However, there are steps that they can take in order to avoid these types of injuries. Most importantly, if you’re a trucker and you experience any pain or discomfort in these body parts, you should seek medical attention right away.