Traffic accident risks on rural roads

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When it comes to avoiding a car accident, you should take many factors into consideration, such as road conditions, weather, visibility and even the time of day. Moreover, it is important to look at other factors associated with traffic accidents, such as hazards you could encounter in urban areas and on rural roads.

From chaotic traffic to confusing roadways, urban locations are sometimes dangerous to drive in. Some people wrongly assume that rural areas are always safer to drive in, but drivers, bicyclists and pedestrians face many hazards on these roads as well.

Traffic accident fatalities on rural roads

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, certain rural areas in the U.S. have a higher rate of fatalities due to traffic accidents in comparison to urban roads (as much as 3 to 10 times greater). The CDC points out that in some rural accidents, passengers and drivers fail to wear a seat belt, which increases the likelihood of death.

Traffic accident risks associated with driving in rural areas

Sometimes, drivers have a false sense of security on rural roads, believing that driving is safer in comparison to urban areas with busy traffic. For example, some accidents occur as a result of speeding, dangerous turns, steep hills and inclement weather (such as ice and snow). Moreover, drivers could collide with wildlife or find themselves in an accident due to poor signage or inadequate road maintenance.

Whether you become involved in an accident in a rural area or on an urban road, you need to go over all of your options and focus on recovering.