Facts about distracted driving

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There are many causes of motor vehicle accidents in North Carolina and across the country, including poor road conditions and vehicles’ mechanical problems. However, one of the causes that stand out today is distracted driving.

What’s distracted driving?

It is when a driver is not paying attention to the road while driving due to getting engaged in another activity. This can be anything from using a cellphone to eating or drinking and talking to passengers. Any of these activities can take a driver’s attention from the road very easily, leading to one or more personal injury incidents.

How does distracted driving cause accidents?

When a driver gets distracted, they are not able to react quickly to potential dangers on the road. These include sudden stops, a pedestrian crossing the street and other dangers. When a driver is not focused on driving, they are more likely to make mistakes. This can lead to drivers running into other cars, crashing into objects on the side of the road or being in any other form of accident.

How drivers can avoid distracted driving

There are many ways to avoid distracted driving. One of them is setting rules for the use of a cell phone, even if the driver is using Bluetooth. If possible, drivers should only make calls when they’re stopped at an intersection or in parking lots. Drivers should also avoid eating and drinking while driving because it can be very distracting to eat food with one hand while trying to steer the wheel with another

Another way to avoid getting distracted while driving is by eating and drinking before getting in the car to avoid having to eat and drink while driving. Finally, drivers can minimize distractions by limiting the number of conversations they have with passengers.

There’s no doubt that drivers who get distracted while driving are often at risk of causing personal injuries or fatalities, depending on how severe the crash is. It can also cost the driver a lot of money in fines and costs related to damages caused by the accident. Drivers need to be aware of these consequences and take steps to avoid getting distracted while behind the wheel.