Who holds responsibility for wet floor accidents?

On Behalf of | Feb 17, 2022 | Premises Liability |

Many people think about icy conditions when they think of slip and fall incidents, but one culprit that causes many of these problems is actually a year-round phenomenon. This culprit? Wet floors.

Wet floors can happen anywhere, in any public building with non-carpeted floors. But how do they cause harm to individuals, and who holds responsibility for any injuries that may happen because of a wet floor?

Where do slips happen?

National Safety Compliance looks into slips, trips and falls in public places. Slips usually happen in public places on slick, non-carpeted floors. In many cases, they will occur when a worker has not properly warned for a wet floor after mopping an area. It might also include incidents where other patrons track in rain or snow, creating puddles near the entrance to the area that workers may not clean up in time.

Responsibility of property owners

In most cases, the one responsible for injuries on a property is the property owner. With public properties, what generally happens is that a property owner owns the building itself and then rents it out to other individuals or businesses. Unless stipulated in the contract, the person renting the property may not have to handle responsibility for, or expenses related to, injuries that happen on their grounds. Rather, the person they rent from will have to cover it.

There are some exceptions to this as well, such as if another individual is directly responsible for the slip and fall in question. Sometimes, dealing with liability can get tricky, so it is a good idea for victims to contact legal help to learn more.