Are children with disabilities in store for lives of poverty?

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Even though you love your child more than anything, his or her disability presents some challenges other kids never have to face. If your son or daughter has a serious impairment, he or she simply may not be able to work as an adult.

Luckily, according to, there are many government-backed programs that provide financial support to those who cannot maintain employment. This support, which is typically meager, often barely covers living expenses and basic medical care. Is your child in store for a life of poverty?

Your estate plan

It is not uncommon for parents who have children with disabilities to establish special needs trusts. If you create this type of trust as part of your overall estate plan, your child has access to funds that improve his or her quality of life. Even better, your son or daughter continues to be eligible for need-based government assistance.

Your child’s future

When you form a special needs trust, you must choose a trustee to manage it. This person ensures your child does not accidentally become ineligible for government help. Moreover, your special needs trustee connects your son or daughter with important and meaningful services. If you worry about your child’s future after your death, you can be certain the special needs trustee has his or her back.

For your child to get the most out of your special needs trust, you must properly establish and fund it. Ultimately, by working with an experienced estate planning attorney, you can be certain your special needs trust launches and operates effectively.