What could impact your timber prices?

On Behalf of | Mar 8, 2023 | Timber Transactions |

If you wish to sell timber, it is in your best interests to know how much money you should expect to make. This will require that you understand timber pricing.

Most importantly, you will want to get a good idea of the industry and what could impact pricing. As with any good, the value of your timber could change or something could impact it, raising or lowering the amount of money someone is willing to pay. There are several factors that might influence the offer you get for the purchase.

Amount of timber

How large of an area you are offering for logging will impact the offers you get. Ideally, you should have a large acreage that will allow the logging operation to properly secure a large volume of timber. A smaller area may be harder to sell because it limits the potential profits for the company.

Type of timber

The type of wood you want to sell also will impact the price someone will pay. Highly desired timber, such as black cherry or white oak will always bring in more money than common woods, such as maple. The sought-after species may change from location to location, so make sure you know what is most coveted in your area.

Quality of timber

You can expect that an inspection of the quality of your timber will also influence any offer you get. You need to put forth something that is of a high quality to get premium prices. Ideally, this means providing logs that do not have hollow areas or too many knots, which are easier to use to make other wood items.

These are just the highlights of what a company will consider when pricing your timber. You also will have to deal with general market competition and demand when seeking top dollar for your product.