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Can a TBI change your personality?

After getting involved in a crash, it is not uncommon to suffer from injuries in the aftermath. Head injuries are among the most common. Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) in specific cause injured drivers weeks, months or even years of suffering. TBIs can have a profound...

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Assessing the benefits of a RTW program

Depending on the circumstances of a work-related injury in North Carolina, it could take days or years for injured workers to return to their jobs. A return to work or RTW program is an extension of workers' compensation benefits and can bring injury support...

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What are repetitive strain injuries?

As a worker, you face workplace risks any time you clock in. Some jobs are safer than others, but all jobs come with inherent dangers. One of the risks almost every worker faces is that of repetitive strain injuries. What are they? How do they impact the lives of...

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