Protect The Rights Of Your Loved Ones With A Will And Estate Plan

At the law offices of Dees, Smith, Powell, Jarrett, Dees & Jones, LLP, our experienced will and estate attorneys handle a wide range of planning and administration concerns. We can help you find solutions that honor your wishes and protect the rights of your loved ones.

Whether you are interested in developing a comprehensive estate plan or guiding your family through the probate process, we can help you consider your options and protect your rights. Serving families throughout Wayne County and Eastern North Carolina since 1914, our firm is dedicated to providing clients with clear answers, so they have the information they need to make smart estate planning decisions.

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At Dees, Smith, Powell, Jarrett, Dees & Jones, LLP, we have the resources and experience to handle the most complicated elder law issues. With an extensive real estate practice, we are prepared to help our clients make difficult decisions about what will happen to their property. We are ready to help you address a number of planning and administration concerns, including:

  • Wills: By developing a will, you can make sure your wishes are honored and your family has a plan to follow, which can protect their rights and prevent disputes.
  • Probate: If you have to go through the probate process, make sure you protect your property rights. Our firm can also address any complications that may arise during the probate process.
  • Trusts: Some people have concerns that cannot be addressed with a simple will. A trust can help you address complicated concerns such as protecting assets from taxation and protecting disabled family members.

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Whatever estate planning or administration concerns you may have, we are ready to help you explore your options and develop a plan tailored to meet your needs. Our Goldsboro offices are open weekdays from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Contact us online or call us at 919-735-8311 today to schedule a consultation and talk to an experienced wills and trusts lawyer.