Your North Carolina Workers’ Compensation Benefit Options

At Dees, Smith, Powell, Jarrett, Dees & Jones, LLP, we understand it can be hard to achieve progress when you’re dealing with overbearing medical bills stemming from work-related injuries and disabilities. Our dedicated workers’ comp attorneys have been helping injured workers obtain the financial compensation they deserve and making Goldsboro stronger for more than 100 years.

Getting a workers’ comp claim approved isn’t always easy, and you can’t necessarily rely on your employer to protect your best interests. If it matters to you, it matters to us — our team is proud to help you capably navigate the twists and turns of complex workers’ compensation claims.

What Type Of Workers’ Compensation Is Available?

Workers’ compensation is an essential form of social insurance. It operates by requiring that all businesses with more than two employees obtain valid policies to cover their workers. If you get hurt on the job while performing your duties, then this coverage can provide benefits to help you pay for your:

  • Medical, rehabilitation or therapy costs
  • Ongoing expenses associated with your permanent or temporary disability
  • Lost income
  • Vocational training to switch to a new profession if you can no longer fulfill your previous role

It’s critical to remember that as a form of injury coverage, North Carolina workers’ compensation doesn’t just automatically kick in after you get hurt. As with other insurance programs, you have to file a claim — and this process includes quite a few steps. Even if you think you understand how the process works, talking to a lawyer can make it easier to navigate the process correctly so you can maximize your chances of receiving the full benefits to which you’re entitled.

We’re Here To Simplify The Compensation Process

Workers’ compensation payments can make the difference between stagnating and moving on with your existence. It can help you ensure that you’re able to afford the medical treatment you need to get back to work and even provide death benefits that let you care for your family after losing a loved one.

Contact an experienced workers’ compensation attorney at Dees, Smith, Powell, Jarrett, Dees & Jones, LLP, before filing your claim. We pride ourselves on producing positive results for injured North Carolina workers. Reach out to us online or call 877-332-9171 today. From our office in Goldsboro, we help injured workers throughout Eastern North Carolina.