What Should You Do After Being Injured On The Job?

The workplace can be hard enough to navigate without having to worry about your physical and mental well-being. So what should you do when you find your health — and potentially your job—in jeopardy following an accident in the workplace?

Thousands of North Carolina workers experience similar challenges when deciding what to do next. At Dees, Smith, Powell, Jarrett, Dees & Jones, LLP, our personal injury and workers’ comp lawyers have been leading the charge on educating people about their legal rights for more than 100 years. With unparalleled experience in helping people pursue workers’ compensation claims, we’re all about keeping Eastern North Carolina’s workforce in good health and on the job.

What Comes First After A Workplace Accident?

There are countless ways to get hurt on the job. No matter whether you come to harm in an office or on a factory floor, however, there are a few universal steps you need to take in the aftermath of a workplace injury:

  • Seek immediate medical attention and give the doctor as many details as you can
  • Report the incident to your employer
  • If prescribed a course of medical treatment, document your caregiver’s instructions and all evidence that you’re following the treatment plan
  • File a workers’ compensation claim
  • Talk to an experienced workers’ compensation attorney

Although some of these essentials seem straightforward, your choices can have deep, lasting ramifications. Your claim might get denied if your employer contests it, or you might jeopardize your benefit eligibility by going against a doctor’s orders and returning to work before you heal. It’s way easier to pick a legal strategy and predict what’s next when you discuss the situation with our attorneys.

Let Us Help You Pursue Results That Power Your Recovery

Working with a proven attorney at Dees, Smith, Powell, Jarrett, Dees & Jones, LLP, can do more than merely make the claims process less confusing — it can also help you build your case by giving you an ally. A good lawyer can help you collect evidence in the form of eyewitness reports, produce a formal written accident report and determine whether your employer’s negligence caused the incident.

Getting workers’ compensation benefits isn’t necessarily going to be smooth sailing, especially when you’re adjusting to life with serious injuries. For help obtaining the compensation you deserve after getting injured on the job, contact us online or call 877-332-9171 to arrange a consultation with an attorney who genuinely cares about your recovery. From our office in Goldsboro, we help clients throughout Eastern North Carolina.